Kris Wu Burberry 2016 Campaign Lookbook


There’s a reason why this one-time EXO member shot to stardom. His talent yeah. His good looks, of course. But it’s his personal style that really got me hooked. He has this strong persona, that makes whatever he wears look damn good. It’s his chameleon-like style that got fashion magazine VOGUE raving and it’s no wonder he was signed on as the first non-British Burberry global brand ambassador. He stole everyone’s heart when he walked the runway for Burberry’s Fall 2016 menswear show. So move over JT! Fan Fan is here!

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Elvis Han Ready for Round 2 of Ghost Hunting in Wuxin 2 while Looking Fab in East London


While we wait for the release of the second installment to the hair-raising, ghost hunting drama Wuxin: The Monster Killer 2 无心法师2, let’s feast our eyes on some eye candy shall we? Elvis Han jets to East London and walks the Shoreditch High Street in some stylish F/W  collection for youth fashion mag Yoho!’s November 2016 issue. Even the rain can’t dampen this guy’s hotness.

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The Princess Weiyoung Breaks Away From the Pack in Drama Ratings

The Princess Weiyoung which premiered on November 11th is garnering quite an audience with it’s fast pace, decent directing, plausible acting and oh so entertaining but oftentimes blood curling scheming and bitching. But where’s the fun without the evil plotters right? I’m personally hooked on this drama right now. I like how the lead character Li Weiyoung (Tang Yan) is both ballsy and witty. I think weak, male-dependent leads are overrated. It’s great — so far. But it’s barely halfway thru so it’s still too early to call. Let’s see how things shake up when Ping Li Hu (Fox in the Screen), Beauty Private Kitchen (Zheng Shuang,Ray Ma) and Stay With Me (Wang Kai, Joe Chen) are thrown in the mix.

Drama Charts: 11/19/2016


  1. The Princess Weiyoung
  2. Let’s Fall In Love
  3. Legend of Chusen
  4. Ambush
  5. Love 020/Just a Smile is Very Alluring (yup it’s still there!)
  6. Hanshan Ling
  7. When a Snail Falls in Love
  8. Beauty for the Filling 2
  9. Impossible Mission
  10. Hey, Kids

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The Ya(ou)ng and Pretty Stars Yang Yang, Leo Wu, Ouyang Nana for L’Officiel’s November Issue


Yang Yang ~ after the huge success of his drama Love 020/Just a Smile is Very Alluring, there’s no stopping his rise to stardom. I’m just not sure about those jackets babe but I’m sold! Next up is the much talked about intrigue ridden Martial Universe with co-stars Crystal Zhang Tian Ai and Wu Chun (in a supporting role! whuut?)

b024b1c1gw1f9rxa24ezrg20rs10xe63Leo Wu Lei ~ I swear he’s getting more and more  huggable! He was barely a baby in Romance of the Condor Heroes and in Nirvana in Fire. Technically he’s still a baby. The boy is but 16 yet already a pro. I can’t wait to see his upcoming dramas and movies coming next year!


Ouyang Nana ~ She’s a singer/actress who’s also just 16. Still so green right? Yet she starred opposite Cheney Chen in the drama Yes! Mr. Fashion which made the whole romance angle pretty darn awkward for me. But the drama itself was not bad.

source: weibo

53rd Golden Horse Awards Best Actress/Actor Nominees

The 53rd Golden Horse Awards Ceremony will be held on November 26th 2016 at Sun Yat-sen Memorial Hall in Taipei.It will be broadcast simultaneously in Taiwan, Hong Kong, mainland China, Macau, Thailand, Indonesia, Malaysia, Brunei, the Philippines, Cambodia, Singapore, Myanmar, Laos, Canada, New Zealand, Australia and other regions.

Best Actress

Fan Bingbing – I Am Not Madame Bovary
Tiffany Hsu – The Tag Along
Zhou Dong Yu – Soulmate
Sandra Ma – Soulmate
Wu Kexi – The Road to Mandalay

Best Actor

Tony Leaung Ka Fai – Cold War 2, Michael Hui – Godspeed, Kai Ko – Road to Mandalay, Jacky Cheung – Heaven in the Dark, Fan Wei – Mr. No Problem


I hope FBB wins to shoot her detractors down and Kai Ko to make his comeback all the more sweeter. Let’s stay tuned!

Check out the rest of the nominees  here

pic source: sina