The Ya(ou)ng and Pretty Stars Yang Yang, Leo Wu, Ouyang Nana for L’Officiel’s November Issue


Yang Yang ~ after the huge success of his drama Love 020/Just a Smile is Very Alluring, there’s no stopping his rise to stardom. I’m just not sure about those jackets babe but I’m sold! Next up is the much talked about intrigue ridden Martial Universe with co-stars Crystal Zhang Tian Ai and Wu Chun (in a supporting role! whuut?)

b024b1c1gw1f9rxa24ezrg20rs10xe63Leo Wu Lei ~ I swear he’s getting more and more  huggable! He was barely a baby in Romance of the Condor Heroes and in Nirvana in Fire. Technically he’s still a baby. The boy is but 16 yet already a pro. I can’t wait to see his upcoming dramas and movies coming next year!


Ouyang Nana ~ She’s a singer/actress who’s also just 16. Still so green right? Yet she starred opposite Cheney Chen in the drama Yes! Mr. Fashion which made the whole romance angle pretty darn awkward for me. But the drama itself was not bad.

source: weibo


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